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Meet the NOCD Therapy team

Our licensed therapists specialize in Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy, the most effective OCD treatment. They are all trained by top OCD experts and researchers who have designed some of the world’s leading OCD treatment programs:

Patrick McGrath, PhD

Patrick McGrath, PhD

Head of Clinical Services

20 years of experience in OCD

Stephanie Lonsway

Stephanie Lonsway

Clinical Director

10+ years of experience in OCD

Jamie Feusner, MD

Jamie Feusner, MD

Chief Medical Officer

20 years of experience in OCD

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Therapy that’s been proven to work

NOCD Therapy is clinically proven to significantly reduce impairment and distress from OCD symptoms. Over 90 percent of members experience fewer obsessions and compulsions.

Casie D.

ERP therapy is rewarding

Exposure and Response Prevention therapy is very rewarding. It teaches your brain not to respond in such an anxiety-inducing way when you are triggered. I’m able to realize now what OCD thinking is, and I know that if I ever need extra support, I can always get on the NOCD app.

Casie D.

NOCD therapy member

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Our therapists understand all subtypes of OCD

NOCD therapists create custom treatment plans based on your OCD themes. To connect with a therapist, book a free call.

  • Harm
  • Relationship
  • Contamination
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Perfectionism
  • Others
NOCD supports iOS, Android, and Desktop. You can communicate using text, voice, and live video using our apps.

A journey made easier with technology

NOCD Therapy is delivered on the NOCD platform, available now on iOS and Android.

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