Our story

We found the help we needed for OCD. Now we’re helping others find it too.

We’re right there with you

A few of our team members have struggled immensely with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Trapped in a cycle of disturbing thoughts and exhausting attempts to get rid of them, we began to pull away from school, work, relationships, and family life.

We learned firsthand how hard it is to get any helpful information, receive a useful diagnosis, and find a specialist who’s affordable and has any availability.

Eventually, we got better. But getting effective treatment for OCD shouldn’t be this hard, and people shouldn’t have to figure it all out while they’re already struggling.

That’s what motivates us to make NOCD a comprehensive resource for anyone with OCD around the world.

We feel better now, and we think you can too.

Our mission is to create a better everyday life for people with OCD by making care more accessible, more connected, and more effective.


We’re always learning from the best

As developers, data scientists, designers, and marketers, we all came to NOCD because we want to make life easier for people with OCD. But when it comes to something as complex as mental health, it’s always important to bring in experts.

We started working with clinicians and researchers at the very beginning, and they help us build evidence-based resources and contribute to research studies that otherwise wouldn’t have such a wealth of anonymized data to draw on. They’re a huge part of our story, keeping us on the cutting edge and honing every aspect of the NOCD platform.

My life was going great. I was in college, studying hard and playing football. Then OCD came out of nowhere, derailing everything. It took a lot of time and money to access effective treatment, but once I did I was able to get better. Now we’re working to help 180 million people with OCD around the world get that care more easily.


Stephen Smith, Co-Founder and CEO at NOCD

Stephen Smith
CEO & Founder

We take OCD seriously. But we’re having fun too.

Getting meals together, playing soccer on summer nights, going skiing on weekends. Much of our story happens when we’re not hard at work.

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