Clare Kain

Clare Kain

Licensed Therapist, LPC

Mount Mary University

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My experience with treating OCD:

My past few years as a therapist and counselor have brought me in front of many different types of challenges, including OCD. I've treated people at a mental health rehab facility, substance abuse center, residential center for at-risk males. I've also treated people at my private practice. I'm prepared for anything you want to share, making treatment using Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) that much more effective. ERP works for all OCD subtypes, and with my background, I know that I can show you how to manage OCD successfully and on your own.


About Me

The ultimate goal of ERP is to free people from the cycle of obsessions and compulsions. But ERP is challenging, as it exposes you to the unpleasantness of your obsessions. Having an experienced guide by your side is key to making ERP effective. As your therapist, I will be that guide. Just know that your unwanted thoughts are not a reflection of your integrity or character and that the step you're taking to start treatment is a courageous one. Members describe me as patient, creative, and thoughtful. Our time is a collaboration, but it's your work that will drive you to success. Let's work together to get your life back from OCD.

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