Karla Sanchez

Karla Sanchez

Licensed Therapist, MSW

California State University- Long Beach

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My experience with treating OCD:

I have over a decade of experience in the mental health space. I’ve also worked with therapists to help them achieve balance in their lives. I enjoy helping people with OCD with Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy because it is such a well-structured approach. ERP works with any OCD theme, and people I’ve worked with respond quite well to the treatment.


About Me

Intrusive thoughts make you work to relieve the anxiety they create, but your body can only handle so much day after day. Living in constant fear of seeing images that scare you and feeling tremendous discomfort is not how anyone should live their lives. Our sessions may be the first time you’ll talk about your OCD experiences, so it’s normal to feel nervous. I’ll respond with empathy while I guide you through ERP to help you face your challenges. Members describe me as supportive. I work to connect with people and make them feel comfortable. Our sessions are your time, and I’m here to listen to you tell your story so I can learn how to best deal with what you need. Think of our time as a collaboration. We will work together to get you over your fears and having ownership of your life.

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