Ariella Gershenson

Ariella Gershenson

Licensed Therapist, LMHC, BC-TMH

University of North Florida

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My experience with treating OCD:

I recall having to deal with obsessions and compulsions when I was younger, and even though I didn’t have OCD, I have insight into what you’re going through, and with my vast experience as a licensed therapist, I know I can help you by OCD using Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy.. Using ERP methods, I can show you how to lose your reliance on compulsions so that you can treat unwanted OCD thoughts like any other thought you have. ERP is proven to work for all themes of OCD.


About Me

I’ve treated OCD in my private practice and other environments, and I’ve seen how debilitating OCD can be. By forcing you to burn time dealing with unwanted thoughts and the anxiety that stems from them, you end up feeling stuck and isolated. I know what you’re going to share with me in session is hard to talk about. Therapy may be the first time you’ve ever described your OCD to anyone. You’ll find me easy to talk to and genuinely supportive as I create a safe space for you. There is no shame in having OCD thoughts because they’re not reflective of who you are as a person. Together, we can work session by session to turn your unwanted thoughts into a passing thought. ERP takes some time to click, but once it does, you see how effective it is in helping you overcome your OCD.

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