Matt Morrissette

Matt Morrissette

Licensed Therapist, LCPC

University of Massachusetts-Boston

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My experience with treating OCD:

I've spent 20 years as a therapist and have treated OCD for quite some time now. For you to succeed in life, you need to go to a place of less suffering, and I can help you navigate your unique journey. I use Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy because it can bring you to a more peaceful state of mind to find that success you're looking for.


About Me

Talking about your OCD and how it makes you suffer is not easy. I know that you compulsively try to neutralize the anxiety that it causes, but it only works for a short while. Let's break you out of that cycle together. I will accept you as who you are, while giving you a comfortable space to speak and listening to you share your narrative to me. People say I'm direct, but at the same time, I am warm, humorous, and deeply empathetic. We're all human beings trying to live a life of better coping and less suffering. My mission to help you along your journey, and to help build your story of putting your OCD suffering behind you.

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